What happens if I have partial fault in a car accident?

If you were recently injured in a partial fault car accident, you may be wondering how your case may be affected. Will you still have the right to compensation for your damages? Will you be prohibited from moving forward with your claim? With help from an experienced Lafayette car accident lawyer, you can demand the […]

What does a car accident lawyer do?

You have been hurt in a car accident. You know that the incident was not your fault. You now have medical bills and long-term disability concerns. You have been told to hire an attorney, but what does a car accident lawyer do? Why is this person worth the investment of your time and money? If […]

How long does a car accident affect your insurance?

The impact of a motor vehicle wreck can be felt across nearly every aspect of your life. In addition to worrying about how you will cover your medical expenses and monthly household costs while you take time off of work, you may also be wondering how long a car accident affects your insurance rates. After […]

How do I know if I have a car accident case?

car accident lawyer signing paperwork, how do i know if I have a car accident case?

You may have a car accident case if you have suffered losses of any type caused by the actions or inactions of another person or business. It is not always simplistic to understand fault in a car accident. One of the questions our attorneys often receive is, “How do I know if I have a […]