Who’s at fault in a three-car collision?

You and the other drivers involved in your three-car collision may be liable. This is because Louisiana is an at-fault state, and a comparative fault statute is in place. If you have questions about a three-car collision or who’s at fault, consult with an auto crash lawyer.

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three car collision whos at fault

Why do three-car collisions happen?

Common reasons why three-car crashes occur include distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and poor road or weather conditions.

What should I do after a three-car collision?

Call 911 and ask for the police and medical personnel. Get medical help to treat your injury. Talk to police officers; they’ll create a report detailing your crash.

Along with these things, take photos and videos at your accident scene. Get the contact, insurance, and driver’s license information of the motorists involved in your collision. If anyone saw your crash, get their contact information, too. These individuals can serve as witnesses who can help you show you were not at fault.

In the days following your crash, notify your auto insurance company about your collision. This will lead to an investigation. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be compensated for your accident-related losses.

Also, hire a lawyer to evaluate your three-car crash and who is at fault. Your attorney can examine your 3-car accident and who’s at fault and answer any questions you have. Plus, they can help you prepare an argument to show a judge or jury you’re not responsible for your collision.

In a three-car accident, who is responsible?

In a three-car crash, who’s at fault is decided by a court. It will look at evidence and witness statements to make this determination. All drivers in a three-car pile-up want to know who is responsible and will present their arguments, allowing the court to decide.

Can I seek compensation even if I'm partially responsible for my 3-car accident?

Yes. Even if you’re 99% at fault for your collision, you can still ask for compensation from anyone involved. This is due to Louisiana’s comparative fault statute.

How much is my three-car crash case worth?

Your lawyer can help you calculate your accident-related losses. They can account for damage to your car, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other quantifiable and subjective harm you have incurred.

What does it take to get compensation after a three-car crash?

You must prove the other drivers were negligent. This requires you to show these motorists had a duty of care to avoid careless and reckless acts and violated this legal obligation. In addition, you must prove that you got hurt due to their failure to uphold their duty of care and that you have measurable damages from your injuries.

Will an insurance company pay my claim after a 3-car collision?

Not necessarily. Insurance companies are businesses that look out for their bottom line above all else. You may present plenty of evidence to show you were not at fault for your collision. Regardless, an insurer may do everything it can to dispute your claim and avoid paying you.

What should I do to get money after a three-car crash?

Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer can help you seek compensation from anyone responsible for your collision. To request a free consultation, contact us today.

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