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When you are in a car accident involving more than one other vehicle, it can be nearly impossible to know how to navigate the legal process of obtaining compensation for your losses. That is why having a Lafayette multi-car accident lawyer by your side is critical. Our legal team is here to help you, and we will guide you in obtaining the compensation you are owed.

A multi-car accident involves three or more vehicles. It could also refer to a series of individual accidents that happen right next to each other, leading to a pile-up. Often, this type of accident occurs when one driver hits another, and then that driver hits another, which can occur as a result of bad weather conditions or significant traffic.

When you work with us, you don’t owe anything right now. You only pay if we win your case. If we don’t win, you owe us nothing. This way, you can focus fully on recovery while we focus on winning your case.

Multi-car crashes are dangerous for many reasons. Often, a chain reaction like this can cause injury to numerous people, and the damage to various cars, trucks, and other property can be severe. There are many situations in which responsible parties can be hard to determine, and ultimately, you could be facing life-threatening injuries and recovering without knowing who to blame.

That is why it is so critical to work with an experienced Lafayette multi-car accident lawyer who can help you navigate your rights and obligations. Remember, if you were hit and you then hit someone else, you could be liable for some of those damages. Let our attorney work to minimize that risk.

Several types of multi-car accidents can occur. Typically, these are determined based on how the accident takes place. Here is a look at some of these types.

Head-on collision

A head-on collision occurs when two vehicles hit each other hood-to-hood. When this happens, it can lead to one or more of the vehicles moving in opposite directions, impacting other drivers nearby. Head-on collisions are some of the most risky because of the high risk of fatalities and complicated injuries.

Side-impact collision

A side-impact collision occurs when a vehicle is T-boned. This can occur, for example, when one or more vehicles strike a vehicle moving at a perpendicular path or when turning. Side-impact collisions can also cause one vehicle to spin out of control, striking other vehicles in the process.

Rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions, especially in dense traffic, can lead to complicated outcomes as well. In this type of case, a person strikes another from the rear, and that person hits the perfect in front of them as a result. Imagine when this happens with a truck striking a car, leading to one vehicle on top of the other in a chain reaction.

Pile-up collision

A pile-up collision can be slow-moving or fast-moving but involves one or more vehicle accidents involving multiple cars. Pile-ups are often due to poor weather conditions or situations where significant force (from speed or weight) causes a force that triggers a chain reaction.

Multi-vehicle car crashes are dangerous and scary. There are many times when you may be a victim and, therefore, unable to stop yourself from striking another party. When there are multiple hits, the stakes are even higher, and the injuries are more common.

When faced with these types of accidents, it is critical to work with a Lafayette multi-car accident attorney who can help you navigate the legal strategies available to you. One of our goals as your attorney is to better understand what occurred and why. Some of the most common causes of a multi-car accident include the following.

Blocked line of sight

A blocked line of sight occurs when one driver cannot see beyond what is occurring and strikes another driver. The obstruction of some type makes it impossible for the driver to see what is occurring or makes it hard for others to see their presence. This increases the risk of an accident occurring.

Road hazards

A road hazard, such as something that falls off the back of a truck, can be hard to notice right away. When a driver does see it at the last minute, they swerve to avoid it, striking other vehicles around them. This can continue to happen as long as that item is on the roadway, creating an ongoing risk of injuries.

Adverse weather conditions

Weather conditions can impact the safety of the roadway in any situation. If there are slick conditions, this can cause one person to strike another, and multiple people may experience the same thing, causing one accident after another. Weather conditions can also block the line of sight, such as heavy rain or fog. This makes it more likely for an accident to occur.

Distracted driving

One of the most common causes of accidents on today’s roadways is distracted driving, which can occur when someone is doing anything but paying attention to the roadway. This may include looking at a phone, talking to someone, eating, or applying makeup.

Tailgating and insufficient stopping distance

Tailgating is a common cause of multi-car crashes. They occur because there is not enough space between two vehicles to allow for a sudden stop. This can lead to cars striking each other over and over again.

Vehicle malfunctions or defects

There are times when a vehicle may stall out or become a hazard itself, such as due to a flat tire. When this occurs, the vehicle can cause accidents for those who cannot stop soon enough to prevent them. A car that breaks down suddenly and a driver behind them that cannot stop fast enough can lead to numerous accidents.

Highways and rush-hour traffic

Rush-hour traffic is one of the most common types for these accidents to occur because there are more drivers on the roadway, often leading to more compact driving conditions with drivers closer to each other. Because of this, it is very easy for one vehicle to strike the next, causing ongoing damages and increasing risks.

Multi-car crashes are complicated for many reasons. The priority in every case is to protect yourself, and that means getting out of the area of danger. That in itself is hard to do if there are still other drivers that could continue to move towards the accident. Second, communicating with other drivers about changing road conditions is challenging. These accidents just worsen over time.

That worsening makes them hard to navigate from a legal standpoint as well. There are many situations in which you may find that it is hard to know who to blame.


Liability is the biggest obstacle to face in most multi-car accidents. Who caused the accident? It may have been the first driver who struck a car, but it is not always easy to know who that was. Ultimately, a police report will document the best information and insight into this, but even then, this can be very complicated.

Insurance companies

The second step is getting through to insurance companies. These companies may work hard to prove they were not responsible, pointing the finger at another party. Moreover, when there are multiple drivers and multiple insurance policies (and often multiple insurance companies as well), that makes it much harder to navigate the outcome of the case.

For example, one insurance company may feel that a different driver is more responsible than another. That can lead to delays and even the need to go to court.

Also important is negligence. If Car A hits Car B, but then Car B does not respond properly and strikes Car C, who is to blame for the damage caused to Car C?

Comparative negligence is one factor to consider. If a judge ruled that one party was 70% to blame, they could assign other drivers to 30% of that blame. That means that the at-fault driver is only responsible for 70% of injuries caused to others.

In a statement with contributory negligence, if a driver is found to be even partially at fault for their injuries, they are unable to claim damage. Because of the complications in these laws, you must know what your responsibilities may be. Our Lafayette multi-car accident lawyer can offer insight and guidance to you, helping you to navigate all of the legal matters you may be facing here.

Let our skilled Lafayette car accident lawyer help you weed through the struggles and complications here to find the best possible outcome. We provide free consultations to our clients, which means you can meet with us to discuss your case and not pay anything. If you feel you were not treated properly or that someone else is responsible for the losses you have, we encourage you to call us. Do not settle your claim until you know what your legal rights are.

Our Lafayette multi-car crash attorneys are here to help

Let our skilled Lafayette car accident lawyer help you weed through the struggles and complications here to find the best possible outcome. We provide free consultations to our clients, which means you can meet with us to discuss your case and not pay anything. If you feel you were not treated properly or that someone else is responsible for the losses you have, we encourage you to call us. Do not settle your claim until you know what your legal rights are. 

Our Lafayette multi-car accident lawyer is happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us now to see how we can help when you have been in a car accident at a free consultation.

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