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After being hurt in a semi-truck collision, you may feel powerless against the army of insurance adjusters and representatives employed by the trucking company. We’re here to level the playing field and get you the compensation you deserve. Let Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer help uncover the facts in a complex accident, removing the stress and overwhelming nature of the process while you focus on recovery. Call (337) 541-0769 today.

lafayette jackknife accident lawyer

Jackknife accidents involve large trucks that haul either open or closed trailers. When a truck towing a trailer loses control, its cab becomes misaligned with the trailer it pulls, forming the shape of the letter V. The V shape that the cab and trailer form resembles the appearance of a jackknife being opened.

Depending on the weight a truck is hauling and the number of axles, the maximum legal weight of an 18-wheeler truck can reach over 80,000 lbs, making it nearly impossible to stop a jackknife incident once it is in motion. Automobiles in the path of a truck’s massive weight and force about to jackknife will likely suffer extensive damage from the impact. A jackknife accident occurs when the weight of the trailer pushes or pulls the truck’s cab, causing the truck’s cab and the trailer to fold at the point where they are connected, resulting from two common incidents:

  • The cab’s tires lock up, leading to the weight of the trailer pushing the cab forward as the cab’s tires stop engaging, causing the cab to turn into the jackknife position.
  • The trailer’s tires lock up and disengage, leaving the cab to lurch forward, causing the trailer to swing out at the tail end.

When a truck’s tires lock up and become disengaged, the driver loses control of the cab and the trailer. Both scenarios often lead to disastrous accidents. A Lafayette jackknife attorney can assure a thorough investigation into the events of the accident.

Our clients receive unwavering support and dedication throughout the claims process. In complex cases like jackknife accidents, we take on the trucking industry and their insurance companies to provide the following pivotal services that make the difference in receiving fair compensation:

  • Review a driver’s safety records for past accidents
  • Request the safety information for a trucking company to determine if a history of negligence exists
  • Review a truck’s black box data
  • Determine if a lack of safety measures and maintenance procedures, such as missing routine tire changes, contributed to the accident
  • Secure time-sensitive evidence in an accident, such as traffic camera footage or cell phone records
  • Work with expert witnesses to recreate accident events

Considering all of the necessary information, we will combine this data with the information from your medical documentation to recreate the incident resulting in your injuries. We will also ensure a case is filed with the courts within the time limits of one year from the accident date when the insurance company refuses to provide fair compensation for damages. A Lafayette jackknife accident lawyer from our team will help you navigate the complications of the legal process to provide the best outcome possible.

When you work with Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer, you will not pay unless we secure compensation for your injuries, removing the stress and expense that often prevents injured victims from receiving the help they deserve.

At first glance, it is simple to blame the truck driver for a jackknife accident. However, many individuals and companies play a part in a tractor-trailer’s operation and safety on the road. The responsible parties in a jackknife accident can include:

  • A truck driver
  • The owner of the truck
  • The trucking company
  • Cargo companies or loaders
  • Maintenance departments
  • A government entity when roads are not maintained

Insurance companies and the attorneys representing trucking companies benefit from the complex dynamics involved in jackknife accidents.

Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer will take a comprehensive view and approach to your injuries to ensure that your current costs and future expenses from a jackknife accident are covered. Insurance companies representing a profitable trucking industry should never minimize or devalue these life-changing injuries. The possible compensation available may include:

  • All medical expenses and treatment costs
  • Medication costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of the ability to work and enjoy life
  • The cost of home modifications to accommodate mobility limitations
  • Pain and suffering

A Lafayette jackknife accident attorney will discuss the impacts of a jackknife accident on your life, the life of your family or partner, what the financial costs have been, and the mental suffering that resulted from the injuries you have suffered. This process can be an emotional reminder of the trauma caused by a jackknife accident. Let our team lead the way forward with compassion.

A jackknife incident often results in a lost or spilled load of cargo along the highway, damaging cars in its wake. The cargo of a tractor-trailer truck can range from hazardous waste to large industrial machinery. An out-of-control trailer can uncontrollably swing into other lanes of traffic, impacting anything it comes in contact with, spreading hazardous material, or sending large debris into the path of oncoming cars.

With a jackknife accident often blocking multiple lanes, bringing traffic to a halt, the risk of additional rear-end accidents increases due to unsuspected, unmoving traffic in high-speed lanes. A multiple-vehicle accident is often the result of a jackknife crash. In addition to the other imminent dangers caused by jackknife accidents, the point of contact between the cab and trailer of a truck where the truck jackknifes can create a crushing scenario for a vehicle trapped in between.

Determining the cause of large truck crashes can take time, leading to frustration on the part of injury victims who need compensation to cover mounting medical debt and continued treatment. The following factors often cause jackknife accidents:

  • A driver operating a large commercial truck at high speeds trying to stop abruptly
  • A truck’s driver braking suddenly in curves or driving too fast on curvy roads
  • A blown tire on the cab or trailer of the truck
  • Driving with an unevenly distributed or improperly secured load leads to the swaying motion of a trailer before it jackknifes
  • Pulling an empty trailer results in less traction
  • Weather-related factors, such as wet or icy road conditions
  • Mechanical defects leading to problems with the steering, brake, or hydraulic systems
  • Other driver errors or complications, such as falling asleep while driving or a medical emergency

Automobiles involved in collisions with jackknifed trucks often suffer tremendous property damage, resulting in costly repairs or the total loss of a vehicle. A Lafayette jackknife accident lawyer may work with multiple teams of experts to recreate the events of an accident to determine its cause.

Severe injuries are common in Lafayette jackknife accidents. Pursuing compensation may feel unattainable while recovering from the traumatic events that often accompany these crashes. The injuries you sustain in an accident and the care required to recover fully should never be impacted by your ability to pursue help when Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer will work for your maximum compensation to support your full recovery from the following common injuries:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Nerve damage
  • Crush injuries
  • Cuts, lacerations, and possible amputation
  • Organ damage

A course of action is vital to prevent further damage from these injuries that often impact life forever. Continued therapies and treatments can become financially out of reach without the help of an experienced jackknife accident attorney in Lafayette. Our team is determined but compassionate while striving to understand a client’s needs so we can serve each person better.

We’re ready to help you recover from your Lafayette jackknife accident

Recovery can be a long road for individuals injured in a jackknife accident. Never let uncertainty about the future stop you from letting us take action on your behalf. Schedule a free consultation or call (337) 541-0769 to discuss the damages you have experienced due to a jackknife accident, and we will explain why we are the right team to work with you to seek the fair compensation you are owed for your injuries.

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